How Do I Start?

Please call or email to register for the Fundamentals Course

Where: At CrossFit MettleWorks- 96 E. Industry Court, Deer Park, NY 11729

When: Times and Dates that work for you and your coach.

How Many Sessions: 2 definite elements sessions. More sessions may be required based on the coaches evaluation of the athlete.

Cost: Included in 1st Month Membership Fees

Graduating: Based on coaches assessment.


What is the Fundamentals Class?

CrossFit MettleWorks’ Fundamentals program is our unique way of introducing CrossFit to everyone that walks through our doors. Whether you come from a sedentary, active, or an athletic lifestyle, our program is for you. The Fundamentals program is required for ALL new clients prior to entering regular classes.

These private classes are held in a setting where we provide each person with personalized and individual attention to ensure knowledge and safety of the movements. Our Fundamentals program is modeled after our regular CrossFit program to ensure an easy transition once you’re ready to start

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